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A step up from dial-up

Tue, 09/01/2015

Computers and the internet are becoming an integral part of every day farm life.

By Abby Bauer, Hoard’s Dairyman Associate Editor

computerThe internet can provide a wealth of information for dairy producers . . . if they have access to it. A frustration across rural America of farmers and non-farmers alike is the lack of high-speed internet in parts of the country. Still, the options for connecting to the internet continue to grow, and computers and smart phones have become an almost constant presence in our lives.

Likewise, computer and internet usage and availability are on an upward trend among farmers. Every other year, USDA-NASS conducts a survey and releases a Farm Computer Usage and Ownership report. According to their most recent report revealed last month, 70 percent of farmers reported having access to the internet, up 3 percent from 2013. Read more

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